Litter Announcement

Ch Hialeah's Girl On Fire will be bred in the spring of 2022.

Litter Announcement

Hialeah's Flickering Fire will be bred in early 2022.

Litter Announcement

Hildisvin Wurdig Dark and Stormy will be bred in spring 2022.

Hialeah Dachshund standard smooth puppies are sold on strict contract.  A phone interview is required.  To get on the waiting list, you must put down a deposit.


Hialeah Dachshunds prides itself on quality breeding for overall soundness, type, and temperament.  Puppies are sold on strict contract, whether it be for show or pet.  Puppies that are not sold for show prospects will be expected to be spayed/neutered and will be sold on AKC limited registration.

Puppies are raised in the home.  Puppies leave with a puppy notebook which includes a sales contract, 4 generation pedigree, medical records, how to feed and potty train your puppy, health certificate, and other tidbits to help raise your new family member.  You will also receive a schedule to follow and a sample of food for your puppy.

If you are inquiring about a puppy from an upcoming litter, please understand that I breed first and foremost for the next generation of Hialeah show prospect puppies.  I will have priority in selecting my puppy for my breeding stock.  Hialeah Dachshunds does NOT breed for color, but for correct conformation according to the breed standard.  So, even though you may want a black and tan female, there just might not be one.  Males are as equally good as females for house companions.  Hialeah Dachshunds would hope that you would want a quality animal of any color or sex.

Hialeah Dachshunds does not supply their dogs to any individuals for resale, nor to suppliers of commercial outlets/retail outlets (pet shops), or to puppy mills.  Puppies are also not auction items and therefore will not be bargained for over price.

A dachshund typically lives between 13-16 years.  You are purchasing a family member to be a companion for it’s entire life.  Because of the time and money I put into raising quality dogs I am not interested in selling them for less.  A good breeder does not make a profit from raising and selling their dogs.  In fact, good breeders rarely break even.  If you want a cheap puppy in which quality, good health, and temperament is not important to you for your puppy’s life, then you can find the type of dog you are looking for in the newspaper, the pound, or the humane society.

Please contact me at 432-210-9666 or if you are interested in owning a Hialeah dachshund puppy.

Litter Announcement

Ch Hialeah's May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor will be bred in late winter 2021/early spring 2022.