Laddland Dachshunds

Kaye Ladd was the creator of the Laddland dachshunds line who unfortunately passed away in 2007.  She credited herself not only with outstanding conformation, but fluid movement and fantastic temperaments.  Her record boasts over 85 champions with the Laddland prefix.  She bred and owned the number one smooth stud dog of all time, BIS BISS Ch Laddland A Wing And A Prayer ROMO.  To her credit dogs she bred won the DCA BOV title 9 times (7 different dogs), including consecutive wins for 5 years in 2003-2007.  She had 5 Laddland dogs win at Westminster, including consecutive wins in 2004 and 2005.  Kaye’s bloodline is also known worldwide.  There are several international champions donning the Laddland prefix and have progeny from the Laddland kennel.  Above all, Kaye enjoyed attending dog shows and sitting ringside, watching the show and seeing the influence of the Laddland dogs on the breed.