Hialeah's Brassy Bloomers

Ch Hialeah's Hans Jump N Time Jordan

RBIS GCh Hialeah's Two-Timing Harlot

Ch Hialeah's Temper Tantrum

Ch Hialeah's Hot Tempered Ares

Ch Bren-Dach's Minion V Hialeah

Intl CH Hialeah's Star Over Texas

Hialeah's Effie Trinket ROMX

Ch Hialeah's Lady Peridot

GCh Hialeah's Cataclysm ROMX

Ch Hialeah's Turning Tricks

Ch Hialeah's Revenge Is Mine

Ch Hialeah's Bombardier V Lucene

Ch Lucene's Her Majesty V Hialeah

Ch Laddland By Candlelight ROM

Ch Laddland Crown Jewel of Lucene ROMX

Ch Hialeah's Fergusons Best Pik

Ch Hialeah's Smarty Pants

Ch Hialeah's Fallen Through Time

Ch Lucene's Beast Mode V Hialeah

Ch Hialeah's Hold Your Temper

Hialeah's Cookie Cutter

Intl CH Hialeah's A Lotta Hot Mess

CH Hialeah's Lip Service

Ch Hialeah's Heart Relic

Ch Hialeah's Catalyst

GCh Hialeah's Texas Gentleman ROMX

Ch Hialeah's Call Girl

Ch Hialeah's Rocky Revenge

Ch Hialeah's Tejonera V Lucene


Ch Hialeah's Fire N Spice

Ch Hialeah's Veruca Salt

Ch Lucene's Sun Dance

Ch Dollidachs Just Kiss Me ROMX

Ch Hialeah's RumChata for Hildisvin Wurdig

Ch Hialeah's Timeless

Ch Hialeah's Tempered Steel

GCh Hialeah's Sweet Tempered Gentleman

FC Hialeah's Greta Garbo

CH Hialeah's Turn On The Red Light Roxanne of Siren

CH Hialeah's Admiral Raeder

Ch Hialeah's Magesils Sir Heinrich

GCh Hialeah's Catwoman I'm Just Too Sexy

Ch Hialeah's Pole Dancer

Ch Brownwood Eye Candy

Ch Hialeah's Bling Bling V Lucene

Ch Hialeah's Cinnabar V Lucene

Ch Hialeah's Fire At Will

Ch Hialeah's Vesuvius

Ch Lucene's Pardon My French SS

Ch Westwind's Pistol SS